About Us

After 25 years of running successful restaurants in the beautiful national heritage region of the Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia, Simon & Keiko made the decision to return to Keiko’s homeland in rural Japan and after travelling extensively in Japan, we found the perfect spot in Hanase, a small hamlet one-hour drive north of Kyoto city, where farmers tend their rice crops and their wives fire up wood stoves to cook rice in their straw thatched houses.

It has always been our dream to take on a traditional farmhouse and restore it with new life where we can happily grow our own rice and vegetables, immerse ourselves into the local community and utilise our past experiences and open our doors to the world and show what rural life can be like. With 4 very distinct seasons in play, we are constantly reminded how our lifestyle is closely connected to nature, or perhaps more accurately put, controlled by nature!

Continuing this original philosophy, we cultivate vegetables in our garden which is fed by the lovely water coming down off the hills to put on to our dinner table.

Keiko and Simon